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Members can enjoy the following benefits at all levels of Hispanic Alliance membership: [Printable version]

  • Enhance your organization’s effectiveness in impacting the Hispanic/Latino community through capacity building and leadership development
  • Help build a visible, recognizable and valuable presence of Hispanics/Latinos in the Northern Ohio region, throughout the State and nationally
  • Develop collaborations and partnerships with Hispanic-serving organizations and members of the Hispanic/Latino community
  • Utilize us as a vehicle to reach the Hispanic/Latino community
  • Increase cultural competencies for navigating the new Hispanic/Latino reality
  • Participate in networking and information-sharing on best practices, latest research and issues and concerns critical to the Hispanic/Latino community
  • Advocate for meaningful change impacting the economic, education, health, and social well-being of the Hispanic/Latino community.

Understanding our levels of membership

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Our mission
Unite, support and strengthen
Integrate the Hispanic/Latino community by uniting, supporting, and strengthening Alliance members in Greater Cleveland and Northern Ohio; and further the social, educational, and economic development of the Hispanic/Latino community through advocacy, leadership development and the formation of strategic partnerships.

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Unite, support and strengthen
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Hispanic Alliance Leadership Development Initiative (HALDI)

Hispanic Alliance, Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 nonprofit corporation in the State of Ohio
with the purpose of addressing Hispanic/Latino community needs.
3110 W. 25th Street | Cleveland, Ohio 44109 | (216) 661.4249 | Fax: (216) 661.5547
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